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Why am I the best criminal defense attorney for you?
My goal is to obtain the best possible result for you. I will do this by providing aggressive criminal representation at every stage of your case—from arraignment and pretrial, to trial.

This is what you get when you work with me:
  • You get a lawyer who has always been on the criminal defense side. I have devoted my entire legal career to representing people who have been arrested and charged with various crimes. Being a criminal defense lawyer requires a whole different mindset than being a prosecutor. Many criminal defense attorneys who were former prosecutors brag about their experiences convicting and imprisoning people. I’ve never been a prosecutor, nor have I ever prosecuted, convicted or imprisoned anybody. I attended Loyola Law School (Los Angeles) for the sole purpose of being a criminal defense lawyer. After graduating, I was fortunate to work for one of the toughest and most experienced criminal defense lawyers in the business. He taught me how to defend individuals charged with a wide variety of crimes—from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies.
  • You can count on the fact that I know California Law and the Los Angeles criminal
    justice system. I know Los Angeles-area courts, judges, prosecutors and procedures…which can make a huge difference when defending your case.
  • You’ll work with one the best in the business. I lead a team that offers experience,
    hard work, and persistence. You can count on our collective 95 plus years of California criminal defense experience with felonies and misdemeanors. We have successfully defended against a wide assortment of crimes including DUI, shoplifting, domestic violence, drug possession and sales, fraud, weapons charges, assault and battery, probation violations, attempted murder and sex crimes.
  • We will help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case. My team and I are prepared to go to trial if necessary in order to obtain a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Call me to schedule a no cost consultation if you need a California criminal defense lawyer who will fight hard for you.



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